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Lou has authored, edited, and developed over 1 million words for the adventure game industry. His work includes the five time Ennie-nominated Razor Coast as well as Heart of the Razor, its award-winning companion volume.

His debut novel, Club Anyone, is anticipated early this year, from WordFire Press.


WordFire Press, Coming Soon

In an age of augmented reality, love is found in the most dangerous places.

Stranded on Mars, megacorp programmer Derek Tobbit drowns his sorrows in augmented reality sex, only to have his drug-fueled midlife crisis hijacked by a conspiracy that threatens the solar system.

It will take all his hacker skill, the friendship of an illegal rogue AI, and the redemptive power of an impossible love to save them all.


Nominated for 5 Ennie Awards

Sail into a fantastic tentacle and gore-filled, pirate-packed Hawaii that never was. A campaign of heroic dark fantasy for the Pathfinder RPG.

A ghostly armada, murderous pirates, and weresharks threaten Port Shaw, the only bastion of "civilization" on the Razor. The city hosts foreign invaders chasing baleen, ambergris, and gold. Great Pele, Goddess of Fire and Wrack, from her smoldering throne on Dreadsmoke Mountain, stands ready to purge Port Shaw with fire and ash.

Who will rise to rule the Razor?


"a guaranteed treat" -EN World

Design ships from the hull out and fight cinematic Age of Sail combats like never before.

Hoist the staysails, catch the weather gauge, the enemy is in sight! FIRE AS SHE BEARS! This 96 page subsystem of ship-to-ship combat, includes over 35 new magic items for characters and ships, new feats, new skills, new weapons and equipment, and new spells.

Isn't it time every player at the table had a hand, every round, in sinking the enemy ship?


"There'll be blood by the bucketful, boyos!"

A sourcebook for dark heroic swashbuckling. Contains new races, archetypes, classes, spells, feats, equipment, magic items, unique animal companions and a primer on the Razor Coast.

Also contains material specific to the Razor Coast mega-campaign including new organizations, religions, details of Port Shaw, and a history of the Razor Sea.


Winner of the 2014 Silver Ennie for Best Adventure

Four adventures of undead vengeance, mad admirals, redemption, and depraved magics from four masters of the craft. 

Edited and developed by Lou Agresta. Adventures by Owen K. C. Stephens, Tom Knauss, Gary McBride, and Richard Pett.


"...touching, exciting, iconic..."

The adventurers arrive in the bustling town of Whiterush and are hired to help protect a caravan from bandits. However, there is much more going on in the town than meets the eye and our heroes are in deeper than they thought.

An adventure for 4-6 PCs of 5th level for the Pathfinder RPG.


"...some of that old black powder goodnes..." - Jon G.

Shower of sparks, the flash of powder. The fiery retort of the pistol.

Here are cinematic rules to expand the options for black-powder flintlocks in fantasy campaigns: the arresting jab of a gun in the back, the standoff, highway holdups, and the ferocious chaos of ship-to-ship boarding battles.

Includes unusual, real-world firearm variants with rules to enhance the mix of muskets and magic. Works with the firearm rules found in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.


"...rivals the strange societies of China Mièville..." - Endzeitgeist

Welcome to Rogthandor, a massive and crumbling fortress history has dubbed the Citadel of Pain. Years ago, Baronet Dumond imprisoned his citizens in the citadel, using them as test subjects for his twisted experiments. Dumond's ambition was to construct the ultimate torture device in the belief that by consuming the agony of others he could turn himself into a god.

Citadel of Pain is a massive, 80-page adventure for 7th-level characters. 
(with Rone Barton)


Popular Silver Pick

A mercantile colony ruled by the incompetent son of a brutal emperor. Citizens who trace their history back a thousand years, oppressed by recent conquerors. A brooding underbelly of resistance fighters and crime syndicates waiting for the overlords to fail. Welcome to the Great City: where night cloaks outcasts, mad alchemists, and corpse robbers alike.

Based on their acclaimed Blueprints Series, 0one Games introduces The Great City Campaign Setting, an ambitious look at the locations behind the maps.


"...a tour-de-force action-romp...5 stars!" -Endzeitgeist

More than the Temple Ward is at stake when a clan of Kortezian zealots and their generations-old scheme to fulfill a divine prophecy threatens to unleash an ancient evil.

Set in the Great City from 0One Games, this epic campaign takes characters from their humble beginnings to powerful adventurers upon whose actions the fate of the City depends.

(with Rone Barton)


"...better than cupcakes!"
-Prashant Panavalli

The infamous fight clubs flourish, enjoyed by angry Azindraleans and Kortezian conquerors, alike, but when Kortezian officers die, tensions flare. The fires of revolution threaten: will you douse the flames or fan them higher?

Welcome to the first volume of the Road to Revolution, an adventure path set in the Great City.

(with Rone Barton)


"...a model of a non-linear scenario..." -Dan Harms

From New York’s high society to her mean streets, citizens of the modern Gomorrah prepare to celebrate with masked revels and parades, hold fundraisers and give speeches. But occult texts missing from the NY Public Library, a mad politician hiding in her Park Avenue apartments, the new Egyptian exhibit premiering at the Metropolitan Museum, and the eviscerated corpses of the homeless embroil the investigators in a secret war for access to the halls of power.


"...a taut action-packed adventure..." -M. Robertson

Someone kidnapped Lady Anilah Salhar - the Chelish wife of Dremdhet Salhar and one of Osirion's many Grand Ambassadors to Absalom - and sold her into slavery. With Salhar holding delve permits over the heads of the Decemvirute, the Pathfinders are sent to assist the Osirian Ambassador. Venturing into Absalom's darkest corners to save Lady Anilah, our heroes must unravel the secrets of the Slave Pits or become slaves themselves.


A set piece for 4-14th level characters.

This piece appeared in and complemented The Final Wish, the 6th and closing volume of Paizo™ Publishing's Legacy of Fire Adventure Path.


A Trodoon Gate Adventure from LPJ Designs

This is it! This is the endgame, the final sidetrek adventure of the first series. 

On the Trodoon home world, atop a snow covered peak, in the isolated outpost of a fallen civilization, our heroes repaired the portal key that will take them home-only to trigger an avalanche! Can they escape the tsunami of snow and rock, survive the primordial jungle below, traverse the void separating time and space, and reach home?


A Trodoon Gate Adventure from LPJ Designs

When a clan of masked monks ambushes an illicit exchange in a dilapidated dockside warehouse, their onslaught hurls the heroes into a chaotic, explosion-rent fracas. Thrust into one fast-paced, deadly clash after another, they slowly piece together the truth: apocalypse threatens, and only they can stop it!


"...had me laughing out loud!"
- Lynda B.

Filled with ideas to transform your characters into memorable, intriguing heroes, this systems-neutral sourcebook introduces an colorful places of origin, unique mounts and pets, organizations for archetypes, personality quirks, and much more.

You'll find treatises addressing every facet of a character's history, presented alongside the adventuring wisdom of Lord Bedlam Havok, survivor par excellence, famously quoted as: "I don't have to be faster than the dragon, just faster than you."


A DriveThru RPG
Best Electrum Seller

System-Neutral Tools for Every Game Master from the authors who brought you PC Pearls.

GM Gems is filled with a wealth of information and ideas to empower every aspect of your game. Never run boring, vanilla adventures again — and never be caught flat-footed!

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